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by Ferran Pellicer on Jan 18, 2017

Premio a SEA2SEE como mejores emprendedores sociales

Premio a SEA2SEE como mejores emprendedores sociales

SEA2SEE has been recognized as the best startup for social entrepreneurship in the second edition of Chivas The Venture Spain. The contest brought together a group of startups with the objective to invest in their projects and assess the expansion of their business to promote social change. We were awarded 3,000 euros.

This award recognizes our dedication and resiliency in the creation of recycled sunglasses that help the environment. As of today, we have installed more than 100 collection containers at 22 points along the Catalan coast. In this way, with the help of local sailors, SEA2SEE will collect abandoned fishing nets and lines to recycle and create the material that we use to make all of our sunglasses, 100% recycled. The recognition by Chivas, as the best startup for social entrepreneurship, has motivated us even more to continue growing awareness with consumers and encourage them to collaborate on a project that is improving the state of the planet, especially the ocean. 

But the challenges continue…as winners of a national contest, SEA2SEE will have the opportunity to represent Spain in the worldwide final of Chivas the Venture that is awarded in July 2017 in the United States. We would have the opportunity to win one million dollars to put towards our project. And while we are waiting for the finals, in March we will be able to go to Oxford/London to participate in The Venture’s Accelerator Week, where experts and successful entrepreneurs will train and assess us.

Despite having won in Spain, the second edition, we were competing with other projects that are also doing great things and we wanted to help spread awareness about them as well. Below you can find the list of the other startups along with a brief description:

  • BraiBookcreated a device to convert any document into braille
  • ShowLeapcreated a product to help people with hearing disabilities through a sign-to-speech language translator.
  • Smart Floating Farms:they are increasing floating platforms to grow fresh produce.
  • Start Actcreated a way to make solid biofuel from coffee waste.

All of these companies promote change in the form of production and consumption to help the world around us and for this we feel tremendously proud to have competed against all of this talent and conscientiousness. After this recognition, we will not slow in our efforts or enthusiasm to help, and work to preserve the environment and reduce the contamination in the ocean.

On behalf of our whole team at SEA2SEE and the ones who are really going to notice, the ocean, THANK YOU!




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