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Empowering Vision: Addressing the Global Need for Eye Health Awareness

by Gaspard Goethals on Apr 04, 2024

Empowering Vision: Addressing the Global Need for Eye Health Awareness

In today's fast-paced world, where information abounds, it's surprising that many individuals still lack sufficient knowledge about eye health. Recent studies conducted by the Itelis platform, in collaboration with OpinionWay, reveal a growing demand for comprehensive understanding of visual health among individuals with eye conditions. 

The findings underscore a critical need for more accessible and reliable information on eye-related issues. Many individuals express a desire to comprehend the nature of their vision problems and the available treatments. However, the study highlights a significant gap in knowledge and support regarding eye health, signaling an urgent call to action.

Among those surveyed, 30% of respondents feel inadequately informed about their specific vision issues, while nearly half have expressed a need for greater guidance in understanding their eye problems. The quest for information primarily centers on understanding the nature of vision problems rather than exploring treatment options.

Interestingly, the study reveals a reliance on healthcare professionals as the primary source of information, with 72% of respondents turning to them for guidance. Despite the competence of opticians in addressing various vision issues, only 11% seek information from them, emphasizing the need for broader awareness of available resources.

Moreover, while traditional sources like healthcare providers remain crucial, a significant portion of respondents, particularly younger demographics, are turning to the internet for information. This shift underscores the importance of leveraging digital platforms to disseminate accurate and accessible information about eye health.

Several factors contribute to the worsening state of global eye health. Modern indoor lifestyles characterized by increased screen time, prolonged exposure to digital devices, and indoor activities have strained our eyes, leading to conditions like digital eye strain and myopia. Additionally, environmental factors such as pollution and harmful UV rays exacerbate eye health issues. Poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity further compound the problem. 

Addressing the global deterioration of eye health requires multifaceted solutions. Empowering individuals with knowledge about preventive measures, regular eye care practices, and early intervention can help mitigate vision-related problems. Moreover, promoting comprehensive eye examinations and routine screenings can detect issues early, facilitating timely intervention and treatment.


For those already grappling with eye-related issues and in need of corrective eyewear, prioritizing ethical and sustainable eyewear brands like Sea2See can make a difference. Sea2See not only manufactures glasses in Europe but also utilizes upcycled materials, contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

In conclusion, enhancing awareness and understanding of eye health issues is paramount. Governments and healthcare stakeholders must collaborate to disseminate accurate information and promote proactive measures to safeguard vision health. By empowering individuals with knowledge and access to resources, we can collectively work towards a healthier and more informed society, where eye health is prioritized and protected for generations to come.

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