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Welcome Home Luna!

by François van den Abeele on Sep 19, 2016

Welcome Home Luna!

Luna, a tortoise that was left handicapped by a fishing net, is returning to the sea after 10 years of recovery. After losing one of its front legs, it needed almost a full decade to be able to return home:

Luna arrived at the “Centro de Recuperació d'Animals Marins” (CRAM, the Center for the Recovery of Marine Animals) 10 years ago. One of her front legs had been trapped in an old fishing net. After several days of struggle, Luna arrived at the port of Tarragona completely exhausted, where she was rescued. One of her front legs had been gravely injured as she tried to escape from the net.

Luna’s condition didn’t improve over time: The leg became gangrenous, forcing the recovery team of the CRAM to amputate it. For 10 years she wasn’t fit to return to her natural habitat, remaining in rehabilitation during that period.

But Luna is not the only turtle in danger.

Luna was one victim of fishing nets, but many other turtles die every day, entangled in plastics floating on the ocean surface.

Reading news like this, we at Sea2See feel enormously proud of our small contribution to cleaning up the ocean. This isn’t just an environmental issue, it’s also about saving the life of helpless marine animals.

Congratulations, Luna! Hopefully, we will see many more cases like yours!


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