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by François van den Abeele on Oct 04, 2016


Sustainable fashion is growing non-stop. Consumers aren’t just looking at the aesthetics when choosing clothing and accessories, they are also mindful of the manufacturing process.

Where do my favorite sunglasses come from? Who made them? When and how were they made? All these questions were seldom asked in the past, but now they really matter.

The fashion industry is re-inventing itself, leaving fast-fashion aside and embracing sustainability. Only in Spain, there are tens of other ecologic brands &mdashbesides ours&mdash that have successfully found a home among consumers. They are clothing and accessories’ brands that prove that it’s possible to create environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing style or aesthetics:



This brand from Barcelona produces swimsuits, bikinis, trikinis, and lingerie using Spanish handicraft looms.

Peque de Fortuny is the person behind every ecologic Bohodot product. This Barcelonian company aims for uniqueness in every one of its one-of-a-kind ecologic pieces.



This pioneering brand in the ecologic fashion shopping cart cannot be excluded from our list of top sustainable fashion Spanish brands. It was born in 2009 from the idea of recycling materials that pollute our planet. Its products are jackets, luggage, footwear, and t-shirts made of discarded plastic and fishing nets.

Without a doubt, they are a standard for us!

Mireya Playa:

This young brand of shoes, created in 2016, shows the passion of its creator for aesthetics and fashion. Mireia Playà combines sustainability in all its manufacturing processes with a bold and elegant feminine style.

Its shoes are produced in Alicante, and its creator defines herself as a “vegan of fashion,” as all of her lines are made with ecologic and recycled materials.


Founded in San Sebastián, this small family business creates unique, personalized, hand-sewn bags. It’s a completely sustainable company, using 100% ecologic and biodegradable fibers.


Pugil Store & Fabric:

This menswear company was created in Madrid two years ago, in September 2014. Pugil came to be from its founders’ idea of fashion: a novel concept of sustainable tailoring. This brand’s core values are handcrafted suits, elegance, and personalization.

It employs only natural fabrics, be them wool, cotton or silk, all of them 100% made in Spain. It relies on a completely artisanal manufacturing process, in its own in-store workshop.


Broch & broch:

The last brand in our selection makes a small statement about sustainability awareness. This prestigious bag manufacturer’s “Ecologic” line is entirely made in Spain and it uses a material that is 100% recycled leather fibers. But not only are its products made from recycled materials, its packaging is made of 100% recycled materials as well.


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